29 January 2018

If you thought living in a city like New York or Boston was something, living in LA takes things to a new level.

When I moved to LA, I never thought I’d be able to fit in. I heard all of these crazy stories about people who moved to LA and ended up going crazy, and I feel like I definitely am going crazy at some points, but on most days, I feel more passionate and eager to succeed. I think the difference between California and East Coast cities is that people move to LA for one reason: to become successful in the entertainment world. You’d definitely be surprised to meet someone who moved to LA to not be an actress, a model, or an influencer. Because of that, you feel like you’re constantly living in the Hunger Games. I have days where I wake up and sit at Starbucks for hours, and I have days where I’m running around town going to meetings, introducing myself to every person I meet, and hanging out with friends. I actually like my work days and my crazy days equally as much- life never gets boring when you’re constantly doing something different.

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