Monday in Malibu

24 January 2018

First off, how are you and how is your week going!? I can’t believe it’s already a Wednesday. I feel like I’m constantly losing track of time, but that’s totally something that old people should say. There never seems to be enough hours in the day! I’m a total hotel snob, so I usually really focus on staying at tons of hotels or cool hotspots in any city. This weekend, I wanted to switch it up a bit and rent somewhere on AirBnb that’s different than the average hotel. I ended up coming across a place called Zuma Sanctuary, that’s a major campground on a massive lot of land nestled above the hills in Malibu. For $250, the place was not cheap for one night. Unfortunately, LA hotels aren’t ever below $200 unless it’s a crazy good deal, so I splurged on a night at this place instead of spending the same amount on a hotel. I wasn’t expecting Zuma to be anything near what it was: this little gem completely exceeded my expectations. A major mansion is right above the campground, and on the campground there’s a kitchen, a beautiful bathroom and shower, 2 “tents” with fireplaces and bookcases, and 2 airstreams. The airstreams looked rad too, but were actually more expensive. My boyfriend and I were the only people on the lot, though that’s because it’s not as warm as it would be in the summer right now in LA. I think we got a steal for this place!

We ate dinner at Nobu (the best sushi you’ll ever eat), wandered along the beach, casually drove by Bieber, and got acai bowls for breakfast. I didn’t work on Monday, which made the day even more relaxing and blissful. I’d do anything to wake up everyday next to a fresh herb garden with an acai bowl. I meannnnn, there’s nothing better! I think I’d also be totally OK living in an airstream. Small spaces that look chic are totally the new thing of 2019- you can quote me on that.

In the meantime, I’m going to finish writing a few more posts and also finish a bag of organic Swedish fish.

On other note: here’s somewhere else in LA that we checked out last year that should be your new go-to!

From the moment I walked up to Blue Medi Spa, I was happily greeted with kindness and already knew my experience was going to be a great one. While filling out their form, I was greeted by Davina, whom we communicated via email with, and she had checked in on me to make sure my visit has been satisfying so far, which I appreciate because at the end of the day customer service is important! As for the facial, Raquel was the one who worked on my face and let me tell you, she did the works! The facial that I had received was the “Fire and Ice” facial that they had provided for me so that I could get the feels on just about everything. What I loved about this experience was that Raquel was informing on everything that went on my face and how that product would help my face. She was very detailed and the products were refreshing! Following the facial, she answered any questions or concerns that I had and her answers helped me understand the process of a facial much more. Blue Medi Spa really makes sure their customer receives the best experience they can get and I highly recommend treating yourself to a fun spa day if you’re ever in the Sherman Oaks area.




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