Staying Fit & Healthy for the Right Reasons

17 January 2018

ADIDAS x Urban Outfitters outfit, FITKICKS shoes

When I moved to LA, I was bombarded with pictures of models, celebrities, and fitness gurus everywhere. Anytime you walk into a grocery store, you see someone who looks like they just walked out of a tanning salon or a movie. For a young soul like mine, I’m not going to deny that’s rough! I don’t care whether you’re walking through the halls of your high school, or through the streets of Beverly Hills: we’re all allowed to feel intimidated and insecure occasionally. The only time that can be an unhealthy is when you start walking outside and consistency feel unhappy, and insecure with yourself.

Fitness used to be a way for me to escape the body image issues I suffered with. I’d spend hours on the treadmill, the elliptical, and in the weights section, never actually picking up weights but instead thinking of ways I could look like the other girls looked like. I know that sounds crazy cliche, but I can’t tell you any more honestly that I used to suffer terribly with my body everyday. Learning to love your body is an uphill battle, and not something that happens overnight. Instead of spending 3 hours at the gym, I started learning about my body and what makes me feel good. That means lifting weights because they won’t make me fat. Eating two truffles for breakfast today because I was too lazy to make healthy food.

I came across FITKICKS and was intrigued with how these shoes operate. Instead of wearing bulky sneakers at the gym or on your walk, these shoes operate more like padded socks. I was sceptical, until I tried them on and realized that these are literally better than gym shoes. Screw your Nikes: they’re overpriced and don’t come in nearly as many patterns! FITKICKS is all about living your strongest and happiest life, and they’re perfect for men, women, and kids. For $22, you can have a pair of chic, fun shoes that will make you feel like you’re taking an adventure.

P.S. I’m doing a FITKICKS Instagram giveaway today- stay tuned on Instagram to win! 




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One thought on “Staying Fit & Healthy for the Right Reasons”

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