Warner Brother’s Turned Me Down

26 May 2017

I started a blog when I was 12 to inspire other teens to escape their small towns and follow their dreams. Now, I run a full-time company based on that same concept. I never anticipated being able to reach teens in the way I have, and all I can allot that to is working so insanely hard for the past 5 years to make my dreams come true. Now, I’m ready for the next step: a TV show. So I pitched one, and I got in touch with the head of content at a huge Warner Brother’s division. Yesterday, I met with them in Burbank, CA and didn’t leave with the answer I was expecting.

Now, I’m ready for the next step regardless of what one person in a big position says. I’m ready to push for more, even if people don’t think the idea I have for M.I.N.T. and my blog will be successful. There’s that one voice (a tiny voice) in the back of my mind telling me that this will be where I want it to be, eventually. And that’s why I am publishing this video: for you to see that even when things aren’t going as planned, cry for a bit, and then let it push you to be even MORE successful than anyone ever thought you could be.

Never. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Give Up.




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