9 January 2017

AG Jeans pants, Tobi shawl, Chico’s top, Pura Vida bracelets, New Balance sneakers

*P.S. unsure why I’m clutching my stomach for dear life in two of the pictures. My bad.

I hate Mondays! I prefer Friday-Sunday. Anyone else agree?

Tobi sent me several pieces, and one of them was this brown shawl. I have over ten brown sweater chunky, vest pieces, and they never get old. The great thing about sweaters is they’re cheap, and  never go out of style. Plus, they’re comfy. Say I had eaten one too many cupcakes (like last night but switch cupcakes to bars of chocolate), I could easily hide them with a sweater!

2017 is all about being strong and not super skinny. If you’re naturally super thin, that’s great! But I’m talking about the ladies (like me) who are a little curvier. Stop forcing your body to transform into something that you aren’t. That’s one thing I realized a while ago; your body is the way it is for a reason. Instead of wasting your time focusing on what you hate about your body, focus on how beautiful and strong it is! I promise your outlook on life will totally change if you change your thinking.

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Make sure to RSVP for my event with Apple on Wednesday if you’re in Boston!


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