Black is Back

15 September 2016

Boohoo shoes, Charlotte’s Closet dress, Orla Kiely bag, DIFF Eyewear sunglasses

I feel weird saying black is back. Not that black ever went out of style, but because I never started wearing black until I turned 19. I always thought wearing black under 18 was kind of a sin. When you’re a teenager, you can get away with wearing basically anything, so you might as well wear as much color as you can, am I right?

Now that I’m almost 19, I find myself wearing more and more black. I decided to wear this black outfit to the Banana Republic presentation at NYFW last week, and I fit into the New York crowd more than I expected. People in New York City love being mysterious…it’s so different than LA where everyone is happy drinking their green juice and smoking weed. Wear as much color as you want in Cali, but in NYC, if you aren’t wearing black, you might as well be an alien…



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