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14 September 2016

Charlotte’s Closet jumpsuit, Boohoo sneakers, Topshop choker, DIFF sunglasses

Wow, Fashion Week is already over. That was just about the quickest week of my life. I skipped my shows yesterday to work from a coffee shop and get some MINT stuff done, which was a good enough excuse for me to opt out of the frenzy that comes with Fashion Week.

Comparing Fashion Week four years ago, when I first started going, to now, it’s literally like a different world. As much as I wish it wasn’t true, Fashion Week has gone from an esteemed and inspiring showcase to a frenzy of teenagers and FIT students trying to attend every fashion show. What happened, Fashion Week!? You used to be so cool! As of right now, this will probably be my last season attending Fashion Week. I’m always done to go to Paris and London shows, but New York has become too fake for me.

When you work in this world for long enough, the “fakeness” starts to get to you. Everyone thinks being a blogger is soooo cool nowadays. How many people trying to be bloggers are actually doing it for a meaningful reason?

I partnered with Charlotte’s Closet this season, and was wearing looks by them almost everyday on my Instagram! Getting to rent something each day is one of the coolest part of CC. I’ve also been teaming up with DIFF sunglassesthe hippest new sunglass brand that gives back to charity the minute you buy a pair. Stay tuned for much more coming up with them!



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