Sidecar Donuts

31 August 2016

Primark top, J.Crew pants, Novesta sneakers

When I was on the phone with my sister yesterday, she asked me whether or not I eat the food I post. She was like, “if you don’t eat the food, aren’t you kind of scamming people?” which is like 900% true. If a blogger, like myself, posts pictures with food she never eats, is she really a motivational blogger?


I always see lifestyle bloggers post pictures of lots of good food, but I always wonder, do they actually eat it?

No, if I get 7 comped donuts the size of my head, I’m not going to eat all of them. Not because I’m scared of gaining one pound or because I care what I look like stuffing donuts down my face- I simply wouldn’t eat 7 full donuts because I wouldn’t exact feel supa cute after (more like supa stuffed!)

But did I eat these donuts? Yep, I tried all of them, and ate about 3/4 of the gluten-free cinnamon donut. Sidecar Donuts are damn tasty: I couldn’t resist!

If I wanted to eat 7 full donuts, I totally would’ve. If you want to, too, go FOR IT!

Just love who you are. Wear what you want. Eat everything you want to, and don’t eat what you don’t want to eat. Definitely don’t ever listen to anyone who tells you NOT to eat something. That person isn’t your friend!


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