MINT: Media Impact and Navigation for Teens

17 August 2016

As many of you guys know, I’ve been working on a project to revamp the DARE system. Something I feel very passionately about is that there is a major lack of people who are willing to openly discuss issues that young adults face, ranging from cutting, to confidence, to eating disorders. I try and speak as much as I can about the issues I’ve dealt with, but there needs to be even more people willing to stand up in an attempt to decrease the amount of young adults facing these problems alone.

That’s where I came up for the idea for MINT, Media Impact and Navigation for Teens. After speaking at the Talkspace conference back in April, on social media and mental health, I realized how urgent the matter is. I want to be the person that stands up for young adults in this world, and with MINT, I finally have the chance to speak to kids, face to face, without social media getting in the way. No cell phones at my assembly, kids!!!

Just kidding- you can use them, but only to Snapchat. 😉

Huffington Post released an interview with me TODAY, and I’m SO thrilled that MINT is getting some attention. I’ve got even more great press scheduled before MINT launches, so stay tuned for everything coming up, and read through the article to hear more about my endeavor. 


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