A Weekend with Foxwoods

15 August 2016

I’m always looking for the next best place to getaway to. Whether it’s in the country or the city, there’s so much of this world to explore…

This past weekend, Foxwoods invited me to bring all of my friends and spend the weekend in Connecticut. I grew up going to this casino for concerts, so it was so fun going for an entire weekend (now that I’m older) with all of my friends. I was shocked at how much the place has changed since I was younger. The place is no longer just gambling and restaurants: they’ve got shopping, events, celebrities, a rad pool, and more.

My friends and I went shopping at Tanger Outlets, located right in Foxwoods. From J.Crew to Banana Republic and more, you could spend an entire day shopping at the beautiful outlets attached to the hotel. Of course, I couldn’t resist dropping some major dollars on the J.Crew sale, and my girls got some new sunglasses along with sneakers from Nike (and more). At  Tanger Outlets, you can get so much for your buck it’s insane!

Stay tuned for a video coming up on my weekend, and check out my latest YouTube video up now where I spent 5 minutes with $50 at Primark in London!


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