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9 July 2016

Shara Porter bag, Jack Wills outfit

Fourth of July in Mystic was a blast. Being with my best friends, riding bikes and eating ice cream, was enough to make me wish I was a “normal” teen again. People always ask me what I look for in a guy, and I always say someone who can 1) make me forget I’m working when I’m with them 2) make me laugh. I haven’t found a guy yet who can manage to do both simultaneously, but I’ll keep looking until I do…

A few weeks ago, I headed to a popular outdoor market in Boston called SoWa, which is a huge market every Sunday in South Boston. I walked there from my apartment in the North End, which took a good hour, but was totally worth it. Boston doesn’t have nearly as good of food as Manhattan, though when it comes to markets, you’d feel overwhelmed with the selection of options offered. After digging into some hella good tacos, I started walking around the stands with a few of my girlfriends. One stand I walked by was Shara Porter‘s, and I stopped to take a look at her cute and quirky designs. Shara has managed to find a middle ground between feminine and masculine, taking elegant silhouettes and putting stamps on them like tires and ladders. I just had to email her after the market to see if she could send me a bag for me to feature and show y’all. I’m all for women being at the top of the game, whether you’re stronger than the guys in your crossfit class, or simply winning over all of the men in your office. Women have to stick together, not against each other. What can I/we do to change women from feeling intimidated by each other, instead of wanting to see every lady jump to the top of her field? That question definitely keeps me up at night…

I chose this blue bag with the arrows to wear on July 4th with my new Jack Wills outfit. This shirt is soooooo soft omg. I wish you could touch it.

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