4th of July in Mystic

5 July 2016

Shara Porter bag, Forever 21 shorts, Express bodysuit/hat/vest

I’m not super big into holidays. I can deal with Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter, mainly because I grew up celebrating them. When it comes to Valentines Day, July 4th, National Chocolate Day…I don’t have any interest in cooking and putting on a celebration for nothing.

This year, I decided to get in the spirit since my best friends love the holiday. I booked us a room  at the Inn at Mysticlocated about 40 minutes from where I’m originally from in CT. I’ve featured the Inn at Mystic on my blog before, but the last time I stayed there was over a year ago and it was winter. They have a fabulous restaurant and pool, so booking a room at the property in the summer is much more ideal.

I went shopping in Boston on Sunday at Express with a gift card they sent me to buy some new items for summer, and I left knowing Express had become my new favorite store within a matter of minutes. They’re having a huge sale right now, but of course, I ended up picking everything that wasn’t on sale (their summer collection is SO CUTE) so I would’ve left with 3x the amount of clothing if I wanted to be reasonable and buy from the sale. Oh well. I’ve never worn a bodysuit before, but the minute I picked up this sexy lace piece above, I knew I had to have it. The concept of bodysuits is kind of odd to me, because they’re like bathing suits but actual clothing. I think of a bodysuit as something more suited for a music festival. This summer season, girls have been wearing them with everything, and not just at music festivals. I seriously hope bodysuits stay in style for more than just the summer!

Hope you had a lovely 4th- I’m headed to DC tomorrow for a quick trip to appear on Great Day Washington Thursday morning. I hope you’re tuning in!


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