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26 July 2016

Express necklace, Jack Wills skirt, All Saints leather jacket

Many people don’t live by the rules I live by. That’s probably because I don’t live by many rules. I rarely stay on trend, I rarely wear shoes that fit me, and I don’t often care what people think. That can be good or bad, but for the most part, I’m just happy being myself. I wear what makes me feel good, not my friends or my parents. I eat what makes me feel good and strong, not what other people think I should be eating. The amount of times people have been like “you shouldn’t eat that” or “do you actually eat that much?” would totally shock you.

Never tell someone not to eat, or not to eat what they want, ya know? Conversation over!

Before I left for London, one of my best friends Grace and I got lunch in Manhattan at Bluestone Lane, one of my favorite Aussie cafes. They’ve got the best almond milk flat whites, tasty and gluten-free treats, and overall cool/trendy vibe. Grace is starting a fitness blog in the fall, so definitely check it out here. You’ll be seeing much more of her as fall comes near, and we’ll be *hopefully* be traveling much more together!

We ended up ordering gluten-free rainbow bowls and lattes while people watching, and of course, snapped a bunch of pics while doing so. Trying to look good in a Manhattan heat wave is almost impossible- I took off this leather jacket midway through the day before I realized I couldn’t put my life on the line for a rad street style pic. The food was tasty, and the vibe was ever cooler. Why can’t I get paid to dress up, eat, and photograph my meals?



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