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15 July 2016

Aldo shoes, Free People top, Dior via Shade Station sunglasses, Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s shorts

I have one too many pieces in my wardrobe that don’t match with anything. Or, they only match with one other item. Yet, I still feel inclined to buy pieces that are cool and unusual simply for that reason. Like this shirt and these shorts. I couldn’t wear this short with anything besides jeans, though yesterday I was in the mood to take a risk with fashion.

Before leaving to Manhattan, I got my friend Kate to snap some pics of me in this unusual outfit by my apartment. I’ve been wearing these Aldo sneakers nonstop: I’m not sure I really like them either, BUT, then I also totally adore the clunky and huge platform style. What do you think? They’re a very very bright white, so matching them with neutral and low-key colors is pretty important.

We all have one part of our body that we like more than other parts. For me, it’s my legs. I try and accentuate them as much as possible, because my legs make me feel like the most confident and beautiful version of myself. No makeup needed, either! I can’t always get away with wearing heels or huge platforms when I’m going out or to a meeting because I instantly go from 5’10 to 6’1 and that’s a tad tall, but during my free time I love experimenting with different shoes and heel heights because that’s what fashion is all about!

I’m in NYC for the next few days planning with British Airways, Samsung and St. Giles before heading to London next week…I can’t WAIT to tell you more!


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