O Bag Boston Launch

13 July 2016

Jack Wills dress, O Bag Boston bags, Rouvalis flowers

I find myself always secretly jealous of my friends who have an unlimited selection of designer jewelry and handbags. I have a Rebecca Minkoff handbag I’ve been using since my sister gave it to me ages ago, and even though I totally adore it’s stylish and worn-down look, I wouldn’t mind a new Balenciaga or Chanel bag getting placed in my lap.

Since designers handbags are a little unreasonable for many people, I’ve tried to find as many affordable and accessible lines to showcase on my blog. I don’t want to be remembered as the girl who only wears Chanel and Prada on here: because the majority of people have no interest in obnoxiously overpriced clothing they wear once. Am I right?

I came across O Bag when I was in Venice in May, and wandered through their store interested in what clothing and handbags Italian women purchase. I have to say, those Europeans know what good quality is, and they rarely spend copious amounts of money on one item. When I got back to Boston, I found out that O Bag was getting ready to launch their first Boston store, and I knew I had to be on the forefront of the company taking over Newbury Street.

On Saturday, I put together an event at 128 Newbury Street for bloggers, media, and the general public to get an idea about what O Bag is about, as well as leave the event with cute goodie bags, champagne, and snacks.  Rouvalis flowers in Boston was kind enough to give us a fantastic selection of beautiful flowers to showcase in the store, and Sangria Lolea sent us some beautiful sangria (for those above 21) to sample.

What is O Bag exactly? Design your own custom handbag (many of them are vegan) for under $200. The concept is genius, and they even have watches, bracelets, and more. You can adjust the straps and the lining to match the mood or season, so you never have to be worried about your bag not matching with your wardrobe.

It was a lovely night in Boston, especially since I got to wear my new Jack Wills dress!

Make sure to stop by O Bag at 128 Newbury Street!


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