3 Girls, One Boat

7 June 2016

Hudson Jeans shorts, Gap top, The Fifth Watches watch

If I could move place right now, ignoring the fact that I primarily work from America, I’d go to Amsterdam. Between the super chill people, beautiful canals, beautiful boys…boys. Did I mention how beautiful the boys are?

Besides boys (!!) my girlfriends and I had the time of our lives in Amsterdam for three days. We stayed at the Kamer 01which is an incredible bed and breakfast located in the heart of the city. We also stayed at the Qbic Amsterdam, which is an artsy hostel-type hotel with free breakfast and comfortable as heck rooms. If you’re planning on staying in Amsterdam, I highly suggest choosing a place situated right in the city, so that you can be around the excitement 24/7!

When I travel, I like to seriously indulge in the culture. During my time in Europe, I found myself following Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP guide in just about every city. Two of my best friends are in college, and they’re on a college budget, which GP is most definitely not. So on the occasion I wanted to drink overpriced green juice and wander into a boutique where shoes are the cost of my rent, my friends would tag along and window shop. The coffee shop I’m pictured in above was super cute and trendy, and actually quite affordable. It’s called Bakers & Roasters. We all got to eat here- woo! I wonder what life would be like if we all had the unlimited budget of GP.

I’m on set in Boston today for a photo shoot…more details to come. I seriously never thought following your dreams could pay off to the level it has. Remember that whenever you have an excuse to not do what you love.

 I’ll be in Boston + NYC this weekend too, staying at the Dream Downtown and the Archer Hotel. Follow along on Instagram for more!


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