Best Friends Take Venezia

4 June 2016

J.Crew dress, Express jacket, Zara shoes + bag, Dior sunglasses via Shade Station

Being back in America after a full month away is taking some getting used to. For one, the rules here are much, much stricter…in terms of socializing, you can legally drink and go out to clubs/bars at 18 in Europe! In America, you’ve got to be 21 to step foot in anywhere that’s semi-fun. America, why aren’t you following in Europe’s footsteps yet? It’s definitely hotter here, too. And I’m so unprepared for summer weather. I just realized I gave all of my summer shorts last year to a thrift store, which means I’m wearing sundresses and sandals around all day.

I spent the first two weeks in Europe with three of my best girl friends from NYC and Florida, and I flew my other best friend, Gabe, out for my sisters wedding and trip to Venice. I don’t know where I’d be without Gabe. He saved me from every breakdown while my sister was getting married (being the sister of a bride who is getting married to a Turkish guy is very stressful), stopped my mom and I from almost killing each other in Venice, and most importantly, gave me advice on every piece of clothing I wanted to buy. If Gabe could travel everywhere with me in my pocket, I’d totally, totally be okay with it.

Venice wasn’t too hot, so I managed to get away with wearing a light coat everywhere I went. On this particular day, we decided to take a gondola ride through the Venice canals and then eat gelato for lunch and dinner. Every canal and street in Venice is beyond quaint: whether it’s colored buildings or simply brick, there’s nowhere that’s one bit ugly. What else would I wear on a gondola trip in Italy besides insanely uncomfortable heels and Dior shades?


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