Le Tote & Me

20 June 2016

Maison Scotch shirt, Forever 21 shorts, Express sandals, Rebecca Minkoff sandals, Dior shades

Top, bag and jacket below via Le Tote

I’m kind of obsessed with brands like Birchbox where you get so many different products in one go. And for a set price, you’re not missing out on splurging on one expensive brand when you can get a bunch of samples for less.

When I came across Le Tote, I was as excited to find a clothing brand with a similar philosophy. Basically, you pay a set cost every month for 4-5 pieces that you pick from their extensive online closet, and they show up to your door a few days later. I usually hate shopping, but after finding Le Tote, I get excited to pick out my “new” closet every month. After you’re done wearing your items, you send them back, or, you can purchase them on the website and keep whatever you like. They don’t just have clothing, either. With bags and jewelry as options, you get a legit full new outfit every single month!

I wore this Maison Scotch shirt last week in NYC and yesterday in Boston. Today, I wore my new bomber jacket with my hella old ripped Zara jeans for a coffee date with my friend Kate. Every day is a new outfit with Le Tote in my life. *insert praying hand emoji*

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