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1 June 2016

Charles Victor dress, Frangi Pangi hoisery, Rolex watch, Zara bag

Venice was a really odd city. I’ve never been to a city that’s totally surrounded by water, so that was the first thing that made me slightly confused and irritated. I’m a strong believer in public transportation, and having to jump on a rocking boat every time I wanted to eat pizza was, well, not the most thrilling adventure.

But, I managed to survive. I chose an Airbnb on a small island called Murano (take my advice, don’t Airbnb, and don’t stay on Murano) which was 15 minutes away from the main island of San Marco. On this particular day, my best friend Gabe and I traveled to a different island called Burano. I’ve never been to a city as photogenic as this one. Burano is picture perfect: from the classy people, to the colorful and eclectic houses, and the cutest boutiques. We sat on the water and feasted on egg/prosciutto pizza, wandered in and out of airy boutiques, and ended the day with fresh gelato.

Since Venice was unusually hot, I opted for my new Charles Victor dress (the legit comfiest dress in my closet right now) and Frangi Pangi hosiery to keep me warm when the sun began to set. Unlike Manhattan, Venice is super chill and not pretentious: you can easily go to dinner in jeans and sneakers at the classiest restaurant and not get glared at. I wore my Nike kicks with this dress, and nobody looked at me like I had two heads. #WIN!

Maybe I should move to Venice after all.


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