Broken Botanical

9 May 2016

Kork-Ease via TJ.Maxx wedges, Urban shorts, American Eagle top, Studdly necklace, Dior via Shade Station sunglasses

I promise the title of this post has a very specific meaning. After walking out of the gym at my hotel in Brussels on Saturday morning, I fell down the stairs. I guess I was on a “gym” high, and wasn’t paying attention (thank you, iPhone) and fell. Well, I cried, waited 10 minutes while bystanders walked by me and probably thought I was crazy, and then I got up. I then proceeded to wear wedges to a botanical garden with the girls after falling down the stairs, and then I tripped over a bunch of rocks. Fast forward a few hours, I’m sitting in a Brussels hospital wondering why I have such terrible luck. I highly suggest never ending up where absolutely no one speaks English, because that experience traumatized me. And made me stronger?

I ended up spraining my ankle, and was told to not walk for 7 days and use crutches. Well, I’m in Amsterdam now, hobbling around without crutches cause I don’t even play by the rules.


However, Amsterdam is the prettiest city I’ve ever been in, even though I’m slightly crippled, I’m going to get on a bike tomorrow and bike around. You can’t let anything get in the way of following your dreams, and biking around Amsterdam has been on my bucket list since I was born!!

That’s what’s so great about life: it’s going to kick you down, and the true survivors are the ones that simply get back up and pretend it never happened.


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