3 Days in Paris

4 May 2016

Tobi dress, White House Black Market jacket, J.Crew sandals, Sorrelli Jewelry, Dior via Shade Station sunglasses, Fifth Watches watch

It’s been 24 hours of fantastic fun here in Paris. After arriving yesterday and going straight from the airport with my Blacklane driver to the Hotel La Lanterne, the girls and I have been busy exploring ever since. My friends have never been to Paris before, and since I’m basically now Parisian since I’ve been here more than two times, I’ve been leading the way around this magical city. I always travel for work (literally) so having a month abroad with no fashion shows or meetings to attend is fantastic yet slightly freaking me out. But fantastic for the most part. I get to wear ugly gym sneakers and eat McDonald’s WHENEVER I want! How many people with careers can say that about their leisure travel? Not many!

We’re in Paris until Friday, which is when we head with Ouibus to Brussles and spend the weekend there. I’m most excited to see Copenhagen and Amsterdam, and my sister in Istanbul because she’s getting married in just a few weeks. She’s a total bridezilla (sorry Mel if you’re reading this, I’m just *honest*) which means I’ve got two more weeks left before she becomes a normal human again. This wedding is about to change their lives! Since I splurged on a few shopping trips before heading abroad, I’ve got some outfits coming up that I just can’t wait for you guys to see…

And yes, the bridezilla thing is totally real. I’m never getting married.

Hope you’re following along via Instagram to see all of my pictures during this crazy surreal month!


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One thought on “3 Days in Paris”

    awesome idea for boring looking denims…. everyone says it’s out of fashion now a days, but if one carries it like you do then it will be a slap for those who say it is out of fashion…….. wonderful idea and I’m looking forward for all ur classy ideas…..