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29 May 2016

I’m officially back in America after FOUR weeks abroad! What did I miss most? My Keurig. LOL. Of course, I miss my friends (new and old) who live in Europe, my sister and new brother, the food too…though 4 weeks away is just enough time for me to miss the states just a tad. I wouldn’t have been able to complete this trip without my sponsors like Oiubus and EasyJet, along with all of the hotels that agreed to partner with us.

I got back at 3 AM yesterday after a full 24 hours of travel, and woke up this morning to see myself on the CNN Snapchat Discover page. I’ve been working on a project regarding social media and mental health, that stemmed from my speech at the Talkspace Conference a few weeks ago. I’ve got one major idea, but to accomplish that idea (more details to follow) I knew I had to publish an article first. So during my long bus rides and flights across Europe, I kept writing and writing, spending all of my free time editing and interviewing just about everyone. You can’t truly dive into a topic until you find out what people of all ages are going through, right?

The piece is completed, and I’m working on finding the perfect outlet to publish it…but until then, get a glimpse of what I’m working on today on CNN’s Snapchat Page!!

What a lovely welcome to America!


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