Little Green Dress

24 May 2016

Asos dress + heels, Anthropologie bag, Rolex watch, Vintage jacket

Cannes was unreal. 4 girls from 4 different cities who grew up together, Kendall Jenner and Magnum ice cream, and France…what else could I possibly want?

Since I’ve been collaborating with Silkstaq for the past few weeks, I ended up meeting with the original Silkstaq photographer (who was also in Cannes for the festival) and managed to stage an impromptu photo shoot on my second night in France. We were invited to the Magnum x Kendall Jenner afterparty, and the night ended up going down a bit different than I was expecting. I have a tendency to try and sneak as many friends into fashion shows/ events as possible whenever I’m invited, but Cannes is super pretentious and exclusive, which made it a tad harder for me to get all of my girls in. When I knew getting everyone in was going to be difficult, I decided to leave the party for a bit and start shooting in the middle of the street before heading back to the party and speaking to the girls with the guest list to explain that I couldn’t have the time of my life minus my best friends. Everyone deserves to go to Cannes Film Festival once in their life, am I right?

My plan worked, and we all managed to get in and dance the night away. Oh, and eat enough Magnum ice cream for the next year. Once the party started to get quiet, we walked across the street to the Intercontinental Hotel and sat at the bar people watching until it was time to head to bed (at 4 AM). I’ve never been so passionate about missing my regular sleep hours until I decided to spend a month in Europe.

Never say never.

See more on the Silkstaq blog too!


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