The Future of Therapy

6 April 2016

Today was quite the day. I had the opportunity to speak on an incredible panel at Talkspace on The Future of Therapy. I spoke on a panel regarding social media, mental health, and young adults. That’s right up my alley, considering I’m a young adult who has dealt with both body image issues as well as bullying, insecurities, and more.

Something I’ve been paying attention too quite frequently over the past few months has been mental health in the public school system. Before Talkspace reached out to me, I began brainstorming ways to improve the discussion of mental health, and give young adults the opportunity to discuss their own mental health as well as others from a young age. Basically, I want to invent the new D.A.R.E program. Do you remember health class during your freshman year of high school? Remember how little you probably learned? Yup, point proven. D.A.R.E. has been proven to no longer benefit teenagers and adolescents, which is shocking considering that the majority of health class is focused on the program.

Talkspace invented the Future of Therapy conference to bring together a wide variety of people from different platforms (writers, psychologists, therapists) to discuss how to improve the mental health state and how to prevent social media from (basically) ruining our lives.

I was the youngest person to speak, which was actually so cool and really made me realize that our generation is the generation that can change social media from having a negative effect on our mental health for the long run.

Thank you to everyone who joined in on Twitter, and reached out with fantastic ideas. I hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for a new YouTube video this week on my experience at the conference!



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