Just the Beginning

30 April 2016

I’ve signed my first lease. I’m an official adult. I’ve been signing leases (illegally) since I was 17, but now I’m an adult with the finances to sign leases and write checks. It’s kind of scary. I feel like I was just 15, running around Walmart at midnight, figuring out every way to screw up my life. Those were the good days.

On Thursday, my best friend Kate and I ended up shooting with a rad Boston photographer during the day. I haven’t gotten all of the pictures yet so I’m not saying too much, but just exploring Boston (and screwing up a few harmless things along the way) was fun. Plus, stopping every few steps and taking pictures, laughing, and talking about life and photography was nothing less than sweet. We ended up on top of the Marriott Hotel on the water, overlooking the entire city…I’ve never been on any Boston rooftop like that before. And yes, sneaking onto a hotel rooftop made it even more fun.

I leave for Europe on Monday, so make sure to follow along on Instagram. It’s going to be wild. Three of my best friends, traveling around Europe for two weeks, then splitting up to go our own ways, which is when I’m flying to Istanbul for my sister’s wedding, meeting my other best friend Gabe and my mom there, and then ending up in Venice for a week before flying home.

I almost canceled the trip yesterday due to self-induced stress (I’m always stressed) though I stopped myself, because when other time could I just go away for four weeks, work remotely, and travel, without a care in the world.

P.S. Follow Lindsay Lohan’s account starting now too, cause she’s going to be at my sisters wedding. Casual.

Follow your dreams, kids. 


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