Stay in Style with Fringe

28 April 2016

As overrated as trends are, there’s always something every now and then that catches my eye. I’m someone who would rather wear timeless pieces that don’t go out of style. Though now it’s almost June, which means music festivals are the rage, and so is the style girls and guys wear at festivals. You know that breezy, off-duty style where girls definitely spent hours putting the outfit together though they look like they spent 5 minutes?

Yep, welcome to 2016.

A few music festival pieces I highly encourage investing in:

Fringe vest

Sick sneakers (Stan Smith by Adidas)

A cool hat (by Aviate!)

High-waisted shorts

But we’re not just talking about any trend above, I’m trying to make this post about fringe! Suede and fringe are rad pieces, and though they frequently go out of style, they always have a tendency to come back around (and be better than before). Definitely don’t go wearing a full fringe look (fringe heels, dress, and bag are not going to look that cute together) but throwing a fringe piece into your outfit can take it from 0-100.


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