Great Day Washington: What to Buy Your Bride

26 April 2016

I know I said my last segment of the summer would be Great Day Houston, but then I heard from the team at Great Day Washington, and I couldn’t resist just one last quick segment. There are so many holidays coming up in May, from Mother’s Day to a busy wedding season, and I figured this would be a great chance to give some teens ideas of what to buy the bride or mom in their family!

Hair and makeup was done by my absolute favorite artist, Tamar, whom I adore dearly and yearn for hair and makeup every time I don’t have her on a shoot. Check out her site here. I can’t believe we put together such a fantastic look, and that’s one of the reasons I love Tamar so much! She immediately knew what to do with my hair and makeup. The super sleek straight hair is rad, right?

Clothing was from White House Black Market! 

Here are the items I featured:

Go-Comb: Personalized comb company based out of New York. Buy a comb for your bride or bridesmaid and you’ve got a fantastic and cheap addition to any goodie bag!

Sallyeander Soap: NYC made, olive oil based soap from a fantastic company that’s been around for 30 years! $9 for each soap and free shipping!

Isabelle Grace Jewelry: Personalized jewelry for your favorite bride/bridesmaid, and their pearl necklace is a steal for $98.

Caseta Wireless: Automatically control all of the lights in your house after purchasing Caseta Wireless and installing a quick app on your phone. Stay cozy in bed and simply turn your lights off (using your phone) and watch a movie!

Heat Holders: Since we all need comfy socks and blankets, Heat Holders is the only brand I endorse that has it all. And, for crazy cheap prices.

Travalo: Need perfume on the go yet don’t have access to a full bottle? Use Travalo, where you simply put your favorite scent into their tiny bottle, and can alternate all of your favorite perfumes all of the time!

See the segment here!


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