A Night at the Barre Recap

2 April 2016

Outfit by Crane & Lion

It’s 5:34 PM on a Saturday and I’m still working. When is the weekend? Remind me, I’m pretty sure I don’t know what a weekend is anymore. Not that I really care anyway. If you love what you do, it’s not work.

After landing on Thursday night back in Boston from Baltimore, I immediately got up on Friday prepared to host a kick ass event at Xtend Barre on Friday evening. This was my first experience hosting an event, and hosting/planning anything can be both stressful and rewarding. Seeing all of the ladies excited over the class, food, and goodie bags was the rewarding part. The stress came from organizing the goodie bags, arranging the food, and cleaning up: but I’d do it all again in a heartbeat! There’s not much I love more than working out AND eating, which is basically what we all did. Got a great hour booty workout in with Xtend’s signature barre workout, and then munched on gluten-free vegan donuts/cupcakes, and lots of healthy salads and snacks. B.Good food is just soooooo damn good.

We had a fantastic turnout. @onlyinbos joined us, and we made it on their Snapchat story that was viewed over 2k times! I got to meet some local Boston bloggers that I hadn’t met before, which was fun for me because I haven’t met a ton of bloggers in my new city yet. Boston is different from NYC (I say that way too much!) and I love meeting Boston bloggers. The vibe here is polar opposite of Manhattan.

What was in the goodie bag? A rad selection of items. Elemis face lotion, Air Repair Skincare moisturizer, AquaHydrate water, WB Kitchen cookies, Crispy Green snacks, Philosophie smoothie powder, nail polish, 180Pro hairspray... and a few more goodies! Food was sponsored by B.Good and Jennifer Lee’s Bakery! 

Thank you to everyone who stopped by, and congrats to those who won our giveaway after donating to No Kid Hungry! 

Hopefully I’ll be hosting another event soon in a city near YOU! Up next: NYC on Monday for the Talkspace Conference (RSVP HERE!), and my first YouTube video going up TONIGHT! Stay tuned!


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