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12 April 2016

Vintage Trina Turk blazer, Vintage skirt, Aeropostale sneakers

Through traveling at a young age and following my dreams, I’ve had the opportunity to meet more inspiring people than I ever could’ve imagined. You only meet so many people growing up in a town the size of Mansfield, Connecticut. I always knew that if I had the change to start traveling when I was just a kid, I’d meet the people that I always dreamed of being friends with and surrounding myself with.

Whether it’s people with charitable aspects (like non-profits or startups), or just simply super cool teen entrepreneurs (shoutout to my best friend Megan, who started Yellowberry. check it out) I’ve finally come to peace with who I am simply because of the people I’ve met. Surprisingly, your whole life revolves around the kind of people you keep in it. Or that’s what I’ve learned.

Many people are scared to follow their dreams and do what they love. Regardless of what you’re doing, you’re going to receive backlash. Every entrepreanur has. When people ask for my top piece of advice about being an entrepreanur and owning a company, all I say back is are you ready to be rejected until you literally can’t feel emotions, and then do it all over again?

Now that’s an entrepreanur. Entrepreanurs don’t have the willpower to give up, even when things get tough.

That’s how I came across Kechie’s Project: a non-profit focusing on empowering girls to become leaders. With branches in Nigeria and Harlem, the founder Nkechi is a hero in my eyes. She saw a void for young girls in Nigeria who needed education and assistance, and decided to fill it solely on her own. Nkechi invited me as well as a few other speakers to speak at a phenomenal event yesterday in Manhattan, sponsored by companies like Dos Toros, to bring together young girls from across NYC and inspire them. It was quite a long day, but every time I have the opportunity to speak to one or 1,000 teen girls, I see the power that comes from speaking up. Meredith O’Connor even came and spoke, which made for a fantastic addition to the day, and made me happy because it was someone to hang out with who is actually my age!

Make sure to read more about Kechie’s Project on their site, and follow along with their journey to change the world.

After the conference, I went directly to a shoot at the Standard Hotel with Silkstaq which will be coming up SOON on the blog + Silkstaq! Here’s a sneak peak below…


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