Baby Blue

11 April 2016

Everlane top, Yummie by HT denim, LL.Bean boots, Elements Jill Schwartz jewelry

Oddly enough, the minute I step foot on my old stomping ground back home, I immediately feel nostalgic for my childhood. From running through back roads with my best friend Gabe, to my mom picking me up from my high school and middle school, every place has a memory.

This weekend, I was home for a few days and got to really go back to my roots. Even the part where my friends and I would run around Walmart at midnight because we had nothing else to do on a Saturday night. Becoming an adult makes you seriously wish you could bring back the innocence of being a kid again. I have to put a hat on to screw around at Walmart now in case I get noticed and the lovely team at Walmart realizes I’m no longer a teenager. Eek.

It’s quite rare that when I’m home, I’m going to be wearing heels or fancy dresses. 1) I’d get stared at in my uber tiny town 2) I’m just not that kinda gal. Sweatpants are my boyfriend, along with my way too old Nike sneakers that I keep wearing. Hopefully, that’s why the majority of you follow me: because you relate to wanting to look good but also not wanting to spend a ton of money, or be uncomfortable.

I wore this look out for lunch and errands with my dad, and I fall more in love with these jeans every time I wear them. Though on the pricier side, I’ve had this pair in my closet for over a year now. Think of how much you actually save, money and mentally, when you invest in a few key pieces. Like a quality black dress, pair of black heels, denim, and a blazer. I bought a dress a few weeks ago at H&M for $50 (which I thought was a lot of money) and it’s already falling apart. Apparently, I need to spend at least $100 to have a quality black dress that’s going to last me for a while.

That’s the other thing that sucks about being an adult: my mom refuses to buy me clothing anymore. Or maybe that’s just because I’d rather shop at J.Crew instead of Justice now.


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