Pascal Millet at #PFW

6 March 2016

J Brand denim, Jill Schwartz headband, Asos leather jacket, H&M top

On my first day in Paris, I changed immediately after getting off of the plane, into a semi- comfortable outfit. Prior to leaving, I did some damage to my bank account by buying a bunch of new clothes online. One item I’ve needed for a while was a trendy leather jacket, and I found the cutest one at Asos. I adore the belt and zippers: it makes this jacket different from other leather jackets I’ve had in the past!

My photographer friend Cassell decided to fly out to Paris for a few days and spend the weekend going to shows with me, so I took him to Pascal Millet for his first show of Paris Fashion Week. We both adored this show. I mentioned in my last post how people in Paris wear immense amounts of black, and it’s totally true. As much as I adore a splash of bold color, I don’t mind black being included in the majority of a wardrobe. I’d wear EVERYTHING Pascal had walk down the runway. The venue was rad as well, and Cassell and I ended up meeting a fashion blogger from Amsterdam who we chatted during the show. We got some pics afterwards too, in front of the sparkly mirror. Between the venue and the clothing, Pascal chose the absolute perfect spot to host his show.

Pascal Millet has made my list of top 3 shows so far this season. A mix between fancy and minimalistic is my kinda wardrobe.


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