Paris Fashion Week: Barbara Bui

6 March 2016

Hi from Paris!! I finally found a way to charge my laptop, and I’m back in action. I haven’t been on my laptop in a few days because I didn’t have a charger, and therefore wasn’t able to post my PFW shows yet! So far, Paris has been the adventure of a lifetime. I arrived on Thursday, and my driver from Blacklane picked me up and dropped me off at my hotel. I went right from the airplane to lunch and a few shows! This is my first Paris Fashion Week, and it’s been super cool having the opportunity to experience FW in a new city. Fashion Week here is crazy different from New York, where everyone who knows someone or is a “blogger” gets entrance to the shows. As expected, Paris is pretentious, elite, and extraordinary. Celebs like Olivia Palermo, Ciara, and Kelly Rowland have been at almost all of the shows I’ve gone to, and street style photographers have been snapping pics of the major celebs at every opportunity they get.

Barbara Bui has been one of my favorite shows so far. I sat across from Olivia Palermo, and I could tell she’d wear the majority of the outfits that strutted down the runway. I would too. The clothing was very Parisian: with knee-high boots and lots of plaid. Models were edgy, with dark makeup to match the equally edgy clothing. It’s quite nice to be seeing color on the runway, and not just primarily neutrals like I was expecting. After all, everyone in Paris is wearing black all of the time! Some of Barbara’s clothing was a little too out there for me to wear during my everyday life, but it’d be an experiment to rock some of the outfits during photo shoots.

No one really wears the clothes from Fashion Week in the real world, anyway. 😉

Hope you’re tuning in on Twitter + Instagram for updated pictures from each show! Galliano and Givenchy up next today!


Miss Fashionista


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