Spring Trends We Love

1 April 2016

Written by Lauren Emerick.

1. Splash of Color

Spring is here, which means it’s time to bring out all of your colorful looks. We’re not saying to deny neutrals and blacks, we just advise you to throw a splash of pink in with your all-black outfit. Life isn’t as fun without color! Spring colors usually include pastels, which are variations of your favorite colors in lighter shades. Think baby blues and pinks, along with other colors like golden yellow, bright green, and rich blue. Don’t forget to wear white as much as you can from now until Labor Day, too!

Balance your color out with neutrals. Or, opt for a full pastel colored outfit, just make sure you don’t resemble the Easter bunny or any spring flower. Red shirts look great with brown and black, and pink always pairs well with white. To experiment, pair two pastels together with a neutral blazer or hat to break up your outfit. Don’t forget to break out your bold heels, or treat yourself to a new pair this season. We die for a nude pantsuit paired with a hot pink or red heel!

2. Lace-Up Heels

Shoes are a big weakness for most girls, and when they look this cute, it’s so hard not to buy  them all! Lace-up shoes are everywhere this spring, and they’re a sexy upgrade to your regular heels. Lace-up shoes are definitely investment pieces, because they haven’t gone out of style yet, which means they’ll probably be around for quite a while. There are ballet flats you can wear to the office, simple sandals for  an afternoon outing, and stilettos for a night out on the town.  Along with the variety of styles available, there are plenty of colors from neutrals to bright.

Many celebrities have been spotted wearing them with casual outfits and on the red carpet as well. Kylie Jenner frequently wears her sexy stilettos with just about every outfit in her closet.

3. Boho Chic

What began as a big trend for summer music festivals; boho chic has become a big trend for  this spring as everyday wear. Transforming any look to be boho approved isn’t a hard task. The boho look is all about being free-spirited. It ranges from pieces such as kimonos, bell bottoms, crochet tops, and a lot of loose-fitting clothing. Free People is a perfect example of festival style, but we love to recreate Free People like looks from brands like Tobi and Forever 21, so we aren’t spending our whole paycheck on one look. Loose, sheer dresses have become the new bodycon. Once late April comes around, every girl in town is wearing a kimono or floppy hat to class or the park, and we can’t complain.


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