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24 March 2016

Camille La Vie dress + Naturelle Pro hair products

I’m not going to prom, yet all that’s on my mind is prom-inspired styles! I collaborated with Camille La Vie and Naturelle Pro to put together this post on how to get by with rocking your prom style out in public. A different version will also be appearing on soon!

You’d be surprised at how much money girls spend on their dress, hair and makeup for prom. Instead of splurging on a crazy expensive dress, you should either rent one from Charlotte’s Closet, OR, buy one from PromGirl or Camille La Vie. All of these retailers have options for under $200, and what’s even better is almost all of the dresses can be worn again for different reasons.

Throwing a leather or denim jacket on top of your prom dress instantly takes your look from dressy to super chill.

Or, pair your favorite sneakers with a preppy dress for a tomboy inspired upgrade. I love this dress from Camille La Vie, with gold Converse, and a watch by La Mer. You can get this entire look for under $300! The blue watch matches the dress perfectly, and you can invest in a watch like this to wear with everything from dresses to jeans.

After you splurge on your dress and shoes, I suggest heading to Sally Beauty Supply (either in-store or online) and picking up Naturelle Pro’s Biotera Long & Healthy line. Fueled with superfruits like acai berry and pomegranate, you’re bound to get a salon look for under $10. The shampoo and conditioner protect against breakage, split ends and color-fading, for such a crazy cheap price! I’m obsessed with this line. AND, your hair will smell like all of those beautiful, tropical fruits!

Pick up the Naturelle 3-minute masque as well so that you have every product necessary to get a salon look at home.

Catch me next THURSDAY on Fox Baltimore discussing prom looks for less!


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