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19 March 2016

THINX underwear, Victoria Secrets bra, J. Crew top

When I was younger/modeling, I hated looking in the mirror. I hated my thighs, my waist, my face…everything. It was a rough period, but I got through it. How did I get through it? I got through it by waking up every single day and telling myself to love myself. I’d look in the mirror, and say yea girl, you got thighs and you got hips, and you’re beautiful. Because this body? It’s gonna deliver a kid one day. Muscle is going to protect you from falling and breaking your limbs, and muscle is created from exercise and diet. From cupcakes and chicken. From green juice and coffee. Not that guys are important, but will a guy really want to be in bed with a girl he’s afraid of breaking? Maybe some dudes… though if I was a guy, I’d be wanting a girl with a butt and thighs. That’s a lot sexier to me than skin and bones.

Strong is better than skinny. We all have different body types: slim, curvy, tall, short, and every single body type is beautiful. The most beautiful aspect of any women is confidence. A pretty face and a nice butt might get you a job, or a boyfriend, but it’s not going to get you satisfaction from life. I want to look in the mirror, whether I’m in a relationship or single, and know that I’m doing my absolute best to be healthy, to be motivated, and to be successful. Regardless of what I’m eating, what I’m wearing, or who I’m dating.

So, I put on a pair of underwear from THINXmy boring black bra, and snapped some shots this morning in my bedroom. No editing, no filters (besides the first one!) and definitely NO Facetune. I could’ve made my legs skinnier, my arms more muscular, my butt bigger. But it’d be a lie. This is me. Skin and bones, a little bit of eyeshadow and foundation, and a pure soul.

I’ve found the only pair of underwear I’d ever get photographed in thanks to THINXand their extensive collection of underwear for women of all shapes and sizes. They’re comfortable, they’re accessible, and they’re amazing for teen girls + adults who have their period and are constantly soaking through flimsy Victoria Secret’s underwear.

THINX made me feel damn good in my body this morning, and look pretty good in the mirror. I finally feel sexy naked. Now that is earned confidence.

Love yourself.


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