The Fashion Style I Never Understood

1 March 2016

As written by Nate Botehlo, on The Muse. 

    The strangest thing happened to me the other day. Something I never thought was possible… I was speaking with a VP of a very prestigious company and I noticed his footwear. I had to take a double take, and I began to slowly understand a trend I had, for so long, missed.

    Before I explain, I’ll give you some backstory… I would occasionally see well-dressed men in business casual (wearing Nike running shoes), and I would be puzzled. It didn’t make sense to me. Why would I wear my workout shoes with a blazer? Shouldn’t you be wearing leather dress shoes, not workout kicks? I’d rather wear penny loafers or some oxfords, personally.

    Then I ran into this individual and my perspective changed. I think it had something to do with how long I was talking with the person. I’ve always seen this style in passing or flashing by my eyes on my Tumblr feed, but never have I spent an hour observing the style. The more I looked at the intricacies of his outfit, the more I realized that it totally worked. It shows a sporty style with a functional twist. I feel like it says “I’m a badass professional who is active and healthy.” After hanging out with this guy more, and beginning to understand this booming trend, I absolutely love this look. It’s a look both men and women are adapting into their daily life, and I’m not opposed to it. There’s one caveat to this trend: you HAVE to buy a pair just for work. No, you can’t wear your smelly spin shoes to the office.

Trust me, your co-workers will thank you.


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