Running Through These Streets…

21 February 2016

Ann Taylor skirt, Primark boots, Banana Republic vest

I have not posted in 4 days. I made a massive mistake on Friday and accidentally deleted the whole past 10 months of pictures from my iPhone. It’s been a rough few days. No, none of it was backed up or on my laptop. Remember: backup via iCloud, don’t press restore, and just don’t have a cell phone.

In an attempt to move on and try to put my past few months back together, I went out with my friend Nick yesterday to shoot in the Commons for some new pics. It’s been an absolutely beautiful weekend weather wise, which has made my picture situation slightly less depressing. If I was image-less and it was raining, I’d probably be crying in my bed right now. But life goes on! No pictures means 1) an excuse to eat excess amounts of chocolate 2) make new memories.

This isn’t an outfit I’m totally thrilled to have been shot in, though it matched well with the edgy vibe I was going for when wandering through Cambridge earlier in the day. A different friend and I went to take pictures on railroad tracks, and the outfit is edgy and bold. I never would’ve been caught wearing all black when I was younger, but I guess you get older and all of a sudden black is the new pink. And anything sleeveless? Count me in. Man, I love looking like a biker dude that just left the gym.

Happy Sunday!


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