I Actually Adore DC

17 February 2016

I actually do. DC, you’ve got my heart. I’ve been able to go for a few days over the past couple of months, and every time I’m in the city, I fall more in love. Even though I only get to be in the city for a tiny amount of time (literally 48 hours is the max I’ve ever been in DC!) I still have time to walk around, visit new coffee shops, and explore.

For this segment with Fox DC, I decided to stay at the Fairmont Georgetown. I’ve never stayed at a Fairmont property before, but I’ve heard fantastic reviews from friends and colleagues. Similar to a Mondrian or Four Seasons, the Fairmont was going to have to seriously impress me for it to be on the same level of other 5-star properties.

And…the Fairmont did. It seriously freakin’ did. If I could choose a second home, out of the 100s of hotels I stay at per year, I’d choose the Fairmont Georgetown. Actually, nothing went wrong. Something always goes wrong in my life. The Fairmont was the most spectacular property I’ve stayed at over the past year, including everything from customer service to amenities to food. In my opinion, hotel food usually sucks, regardless of whether the property is high-end or not. I was shocked (not kidding) at how fantastic the food at Juniper was. I tried breakfast, lunch, and dinner out, and everything was up to par. My room service came within 30 minutes, toasty and seasoned.

My breakfast showed up right on time for my hair stylist and myself, and the banana bread was the moistest banana bread I’ve ever tasted! I wanted to sit in my beautiful bed all day and eat that banana bread, but some of us gotta work, ya know.

I even met a super sweet fan in the hotel lobby following my shoot, and she was a local fashionista eating lunch at Juniper for a meeting. It’s THE place to go in Georgetown. I made my way to Soul Cycle down the street, Sweetgreen for a quick salad, and Blowout Bar DC following Soul Cycle for a quick blowout before my shoot the next morning. The Fairmont is located literally in the heart of the city, with amazing shops and restaurant in walking distance.

If you’re in DC for pleasure or business, book a room at the Fairmont Georgetown. Grab brunch in their beautiful hall on Sunday morning with the whole family, or a quick drink at their exquisite lobby bar. If you’re on the go like I always am, choose one of their lunch boxes for a handy lunch on the road.

This property is worth every penny, and I’m definitely not one to throw those few words out there too often!


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