Stopping by Laduree

16 February 2016

During Fashion Week, I usually have trouble fitting in time to eat and relax between shows. I’m running around all of the time, whether it’s to a meeting or to a show, which means food usually gets forgotten about until 10 PM when I’m sitting in bed realizing I haven’t eaten.

One of my go-to places to stop by during Fashion Week is Laduree in Soho. Based out of Paris, Laduree has now expanded to New York City, and in the future, LA and Chicago. If you’re looking for a fancy and chic brunch/ coffee stop, consider Laduree your new best friend. Between the tastiest macarons, flakiest croissants, and richest almond milk lattes, it’s only expected that I spend my time lounging here while waiting for my next show.

For brunch, we ordered lots of coffee, croissants, macarons, and french toast with an omelette. The fresh whipped cream and raspberry sauce that came alongside the french toast was absolutely delicious, as were all of the mini macarons.

After Laduree, I headed to the Concept Korea show which was one of the only shows I actually enjoyed watching this season. The collection was stunning, and I adored the edgy yet glamorous vibe of every piece showcased. Or maybe I was just on a macaron high. I’m not quite sure.


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