Banana Republic at NYFW

14 February 2016

Sorry for the delay in posting- the past few days have been crazy. After going straight from DC to NYC for fashion week, I met my best friends here in the city to begin my 9th season at New York Fashion Week! New York City is supposed to be getting the absolute worst cold front, and I have to tell you, going around to fashion shows in this weather is complete hell. Throw away your heels ladies, and take out your Nike sneaks and thermal socks. You won’t regret it.

I haven’t been too keen on any of the shows I’ve been to so far, but Concept Korea and Banana Republic have stood out. I went to TOME this morning which I will put up on the blog later this week, though Concept Korea was still a better show in my opinion. It seems as if designers are copying other designers this season, as well as putting clothing on the runway that literally no one would wear! What’s the point of fashion if the clothing is way too ugly to wear to your office or school?

The Banana Republic presentation was held at The Highline Stages in Meatpacking, where it always is. I always look forward to the Banana Republic presentation, and they didn’t dissapoint this year. Between a stylish yet intimate crowd, almond milk lattes and macarons, and the HOTTEST male models I’ve ever done, BR outdid themselves.

The clothes? Modern with a vintage vibe. Peacoats with 4 buttons, dark greens and blacks, and kitten heels were a few of the memorable trends showcased. Have we seen a few of these trends in store before? Yes, but that’s one of the reasons people continue to shop at Banana Republic. They choose timeless trends that never go out of style. My mom would wear all of the clothes, and I totally would too. But maybe that’s just because I’m an old soul.


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