Fox 5 DC: Valentine’s Day!

11 February 2016

Hair and makeup by the unreal Lauren Diana MUA. See her site here. Some of the best hair and makeup I’ve ever had on a shoot. No joke! Are you seeing this smokey eye? I meannnnn….who wants to be my Valentine? 😉 

My dress is by Camille La Vie! They’ve got a huge selection of prom, wedding and regular dresses on their site and in their store located in Glendale, CA. I’m such a fan of this mini dress- so was the whole Fox team!

Good morning from the lovely Washington, DC! I just wrapped up another incredible segment with Fox 5 DC, this time, we talked about Valentine’s Day gifts on a budget. Whether you’ve got a special someone or not (the or not part for all of you single ladies, myself included, out there) Valentine’s Day is a holiday everyone can celebrate. Don’t shy away from buying your friends and family gifts because you aren’t necessarily “dating”. We all deserve to be LOVED!

I went on a hunt to find the best gifts to give everyone this season. Here’s my list:

1. Mochidoki

I bet you didn’t know you could buy artisan mochi online now, did you? To be honest, I’m slightly obsessed with this brand. I ain’t got no boyfriend, but I think I’m going to treat myself to some mochi on V-Day. Why the heck not? For $15, you’ve got the cutest mochi that tastes good AND is insta-worthy. Order now to get in time for the holiday!

2. Apothic Wine

Since we’ve all got parents, grandparents, older siblings and what not, gifting wine is a fantastic idea this holiday season. Even though I’m not drinking myself, I found a rad brand of wine that’s sexy enough to gift your boyfriend/girlfriend, yet appropriate enough to gift your parents. Apothic, known for their unique blends and bold flavors, has a line called Apothic Crush (come on, what sounds better than that) that they’ve brought back to heat up this V-Day on every level. A decadent red blend that combines red fruit flavors with caramel and a velvety smooth mouthfeel is what you can expect from buying your loved wine wine from here.

3. Heat Holders

I’ve been buying/wearing heat holders since I was a little girl, and since I’m such a huge fan of the brand, it only makes sense that I gift heat holders to my loved ones. Their extensive line of products, from hats to socks and outerwear, will protect you this winter and keep you nice and toasty for that date night walk. The socks are 7 times warmer than regular socks, and 3 times warmer than regular thermal socks.

4. La Mer Watches

I posted about La Mer last month, and since I fell head-over-heels for the brand, I had to include them in my V-Day roundup. The LA based brand is sold at Shopbop and Nordstrom, and is known for their celebrity following like Christina Milan and Jamie Chung. Customize your own online on their site!

5. JCPenney

One of my go-to brands, JCP, has something for everyone and every price point this Valentine’s Day. If you’re shopping for a lucky guy, buy men’s accessories by Michael B. Strahan and J. Ferrar, exclusive to JCP. For the ladies out there, invest in the Ambrielle intimates collection, also exclusive to JCP. JCPenney seriously has something for everyone, even the college kids on a college budget!

 6. Bath and Body Works

All of you guys are familiar with Bath and Body Works if you’ve ever stepped foot in a commercial mall. Bath and Body Works has a huge selection of V-day appropriate gifts for those on a budget. I totally love their gift set, which has just about everything your lady needs in it. If you’re looking for some more specific items, try a few of their specific lines: Paris Amour, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and Mad About You. All of the products are going to make your girl smell good and smile!

See the segment HERE! New York Fashion Week up next!


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