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25 January 2016

This past weekend was nothing but madness as well as crazy excitement. My spread in Girls Life was OFFICIALLY released, and as I sat in a coffee shop reading my article, I couldn’t have felt more proud. Between the story I published last week on Stackstreet, and the story that was published in a national magazine this week, the harder I work, the more things pay off…

To celebrate my magazine release, I took one of my girls out to Drybar in the Back Bay for a mini celebration before a party we were hosting. If you’ve never gotten your hair blown out before, take yourself out tonight and do something special for yourself. Even if you think you don’t deserve it, you totally do. I’ve been able to try tons of different salons out across the country, and Drybar has officially become my favorite one. They showered us with love, yummy smelling products, and champagne (for my legal friend!) which was a total blast. Going to Drybar takes your average salon day from boring and usual to exuberant and thrilling. The price of Drybar is equal if not slightly less compared to other dry bars, so you’re getting a great deal plus you’re getting more than just a great deal: you gotta do you more, girlfriend!

If you haven’t yet, make sure you head to your nearest store and pick up Girls Life to read my article! Catch me discussing a trend that I currently adore on Fox News in Las Vegas on Thursday, too!


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