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21 January 2016

With insight from my wonderful new employee, Lauren Emerick. 

A watch isn’t just to tell time: it’s a chic accessory that every girl needs to complete her outfit. If you’re in the market for a new watch that encompasses both functionality and style, La Mer watches are perfect. Inspired by the love of travel and adventure as told by founder Martine Ilana, these watches are truly unique and beautiful.

The company is based in Southern California, and each watch is handcrafted. How many brands out there do you find nowadays that actually produce and sell their own product?  La Mer is also one of the few women operated brands in the world, and us at A Life in the Fashion Lane are all over #GirlPower. For those of you who look for jewelry with high quality, detailed design, and art inspired objects, La Mer is the watch brand for you.

We adore these watches because each one is totally different due to the nature of handcrafted product. Purchasing a watch like this will have the ladies at barre class dying to know where you got your watch from, and the cute boy in line at Starbucks starting a conversation up based on your watch. From a simple and classic leather brand to a wrap watch with chains and stones on it, there’s something for everyone.

If you don’t see a piece you love, La Mer offers customization for your special piece too.

Alexa’s top choices:

Wrap Watch ($135) 

Stones Wrap Watch

Crystal Wrap Watch

Leather Watch ($96) 


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