My Favorite App: Affimity

14 January 2016

As a blogger, I’m constantly being pitched new clothing companies, apps, granola bars, shoes, ugly shoes, boring apps, cardboard-tasting granola bars…but once in a blue moon, I’ll get an email about a company I can actually work with.

I’m also not one to spend hours playing card games on my phone: I’d rather be editing pictures or scrolling through my Instagram feed. Between Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, I feel like I spend plenty of enough time on my phone, right!?

Well, Affimity changed the game for me. After being introduced to the app through a close friend, I had some free time to experiment and actually came to really enjoy the app. Similar to a Facebook meets Bloglovin’, Affimity is a social based app revolving around all of the interests you could possibly want to explore. From street fashion (where I post the most), to food, to politics, I’ve never experienced an app with such a wide variety of interests. You can post and expect to be flooded with comments back from users about why they like your outfit, or wish they were eating the food you just indulged in.

I like it most for the interaction between users. That’s not something I pay too much attention to, but interacting on Affimity is something totally different. Once you get used to the layout, I guarantee you’ll find yourself spending hours scrolling through the travel page and wishing you were lying on a beach in Thailand!

Now, go download Affimity on Google Play and the App Store!


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