13 January 2016

Threads 4 Thought pants, Superga sneakers, Everlane sweater, Banana Republic necklaces, Richer Poorer socks

What a busy week it’s been in my household. Between moving into a new apartment in the North End (all I ever want to eat is pasta!), getting a new office on Newbury Street, hiring my first employee…life is falling into place. As crazy as everything is, I’ve still made time to have my best friends in the area over for chocolate and cannolis, and a sleepover every now and then. I’m still slightly conflicted on why I pay rent considering I spend only half of a month in my apartment, but there’s nothing like calling somewhere home, right? For now, that home is Boston, and it’s booming city filled with everything I need in my life right now.

Yesterday, one of my good friends invited me over to a school in Cambridge that she works at to speak on following your dreams and working in fashion. I got to speak with the sweetest girl named Abby, who wants to work in fashion merchandising and is deciding what college route she wants to go down. She’s torn between community college and a fashion school in Manhattan, so I attempted to advise her on going down the route that will be the most beneficial and affordable. Meeting passionate teenagers gives me hope for the future: we’re the revolution of every generation going forward (does that make sense?) and us teens are the game changers and boomers in this world.

There’s something so special for me about being able to speak with one person and give them my story. Especially since there’s this misconception that to work in fashion you have to come from money or connections, many young adults are deterred from the idea immediately. Whatever you want to do, follow your dream. There’s nothing in this world holding you back besides yourself. I never came from any massive wealth, or connections, or nice cars, yet here I am hiring my first employee at age 18.

Believe you can do it, and go do it.


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