Trend Alert: Knee-High Errythang

11 January 2016

I’m not one for following trends. That being said, that’s probably one of the reasons you guys visit my blog instead of somewhere else. A trend means the majority of the population is following a certain style, and why do you ever want to look like someone else? 

Each season, there’s usually one or two trends that I end up falling for out of the many that strut down the runway. This season, tweed and high-knee boots have been the majority of my wardrobe. Since I ended up getting a pair of boots from Primark for $30, instead of the crazy expensive designer ones that range up to $2k, I had extra money in my pocket to shell out on new sneakers and a blazer. I also ended up spending most of this season forming new ways to reinvent these boots in each outfit.

I wear my suede knee-high boots with short skirts or denim and a black blazer. They’re sexy, yet professional. These boots aren’t super easy to put outfits together with: if your look doesn’t look insanely professional and stuffy, it’s probably looking slutty and a little ratchet. I highly suggest buying a pair in black instead of brown, because the black will literally match with everything in your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to glam up your look with a LBD or bold jewelry: that’s what high-knee boots are for! Keep your eye out for end of season sales where some of these boots will drop down at least 50%- they’re totally worth the splurge.

Alexa’s picks for high-knee boots:

Christian Louboutin


Jessica Simpson

Rampage ($48!)

Happy Monday!


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