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18 September 2015

Zara dress, Thrifted jacket, Gigi handbag, Anthropologie heels, Express necklace, Rolex watch, Pull and Bear sunglasses

When I began blogging, I slowly realized how important having a photographer figure in your life is. A photographer boyfriend would be ideal but for now, I’m sticking with my best friend Hannah.  We took these shots a few days ago outside of Pier 59 Studios in Chelsea before a fashion show. Hannah rules. She’s basically the perfect boyfriend but in  best friend form. Boys suck!

Anyway, I bought this dress for $7 in Greece last month. $7. Yep, that’s all. The cool thing about Zara is unlike Forever 21, every store is totally different. I find more eclectic and trendy clothes in the London stores, business sophisticated style in NYC, and more experimental trends in Greece. What’s fantastic about purchasing a dress for $7 is if you decide you hate it, or eat too much cake one week, you can simply sell it, gift it, or trash it! I probably won’t be wearing it too much longer since I’m getting confused on what to wear it with besides this denim jacket, but getting a good $2.30 out of each wear is much better compared to a dress worth $700.

Splurge on the quality stuff, save on the cheap stuff, and forget the rest.

Happy Friday!


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