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16 September 2015

Vintage skirt, Aeropostale top, House of Harlow necklace, Adidas sneakers

There’s nothing more exciting about a new city than taking the day to wonder around. Most of my summer abroad was spent wandering new territory, like the markets in London, and the art district in Istanbul. On this particular day, my sister and our friends ended up at some of the coolest locations in Istanbul. The art district is a tiny side street filled with murals on murals, and actually meaningful ones. Not just illustrated pictures but instead words, quotes, and inspiring pictures.

I also got a chance to wear this new skirt my sister let me borrow (thanks, sis) from an unknown brand. It took us a decent part of the morning to figure out what to pair on top since the skirt has a distinct pattern (why do you think she sent this skirt my way?) but we successfully figured it out! If you’re ever faced with a confusing pattern, never fear picking one color in the skirt and matching the rest of the outfit to that one color. In this instance, black was the most suitable color for top and shoes.

Lesson of the day: never fear a pattern.


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