London: Day 1 with Mena Lombard

3 August 2015

Good morning from London! I arrived here early yesterday morning, and went directly from the airport to Batty Langley’s (the hotel I’m staying at). As usual, my flight with British Airways was impeccable, and I’ll have a more in-depth reviewing coming at your shortly. The Executive Car Service came to Heathrow at the exact time my flight arrived, and waited with me until I managed to survive the long customs line and baggage gathering. I’m excited to partner with them the rest of my trip, so stay tuned!

Now, to the fun part. After crashing for 5 hours at my hotel, I got up, took a shower, and went straight to a meeting with designer Mena Lombard. I wasn’t sure what to expect, since Mena and I had never met before, but I had a good feeling. Mena and I met inside the Russell Hotel, and immediately got to discussing the industry, and her collection. She took me up to her room to try on a few pieces, including her statement jacket, and I absolutely fell in adoration, with both the collection and Mena. Quite yet spunky, Mena knows what she’s doing. We ended up spending the entire afternoon together, taking polaroids with my Fujifilm Instax, and bonding over our mutual small town upbringing, and experience in the toughest industry so far.

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