Grecian Waves

23 August 2015

East and Lo top, Lulu’s heels, Banana Republic skirt

I’ll never forget waking up to the Aegean Sea early in the morning. Out of all the cities I’ve been to, this little town in Greece was one of the most precious. I’m not the biggest fan of tourist driven areas, like Athens or Times Square, which is why residing on a tiny town with my friend for a week was a much more Alexa type option.

I snagged this white bodycon skirt from Banana Republic (SALE!) prior to leaving for my trip. Do you ever find an item in a store that you try on and immediately know you’re going to wear more than 10 times? I’m hoping this skirt lives up to the hype I’ve made up for it. I plan on wearing chunky sweaters and moto boots with the skirt when I return home to the crisp beginning of fall. The best $30 you can spend is on an item that’s versatile for seasons and varying events.

Happy Sunday!


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